Why Consider EnerCorp’s Sand Control Technology?

Vertical Integration Leads to Superior Capability
We design, build, sell, and rent our technology while also providing application engineering and field services on job sites. This holistic end-to-end capability allows us to optimize our products and services in a cost effective manner while improving our expertise through a continuous feedback loop.
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Reduce Clean Up Cost

Reduce the cost associated with cleaning sand out of production separators and tanks in production facilities while gaining back production from this unnecessary down time

Reduce Replacement Cost

Reduce replacement costs and associated downtime with replacing washed out production chokes, pumps, heater coils, and piping.

Improve Production Rates

When sand production issues are eliminated, you can improve production with more aggressive choke schedules and increased proppant loading during stimulation

Well Lifecycle

EnerCorp offers technology driven solutions to address sand challenges in every phase of your well’s life
Explore Flowback Phase
Explore Early production Phase
Explore Steady State Phase

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January 13, 2020

2020 is Goal ZERO!

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EnerCorp believes ZERO is not only possible, but probable when we do the right things day-in and day-out, and our track record proves it. For multiple years in our company's history, EnerCorp has operated OSHA-injury free, and...