EnerCorp Capabilities


Carefully thought-through, to work as intended over a long service life.

Everything we manufacture is subject to a thorough inspection process and all quality control documents are attached to the newly manufactured equipment as it is shipped from our facility.


EnerCorp’s capabilities cover:

  • Concept development;
  • Design;
  • Engineering;
  • Complete manufacturing, including in-house vessel manufacturing;
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And Also:

  • Compliance and regulatory work;
  • Quality control/quality assurance;
  • Field installation and construction;
  • Complete lifecycle maintenance, field service and shop repair/overhaul/refurbishment.

Our Certifications

EnerCorp maintains required provincial and federal certifications, including those related to pressure vessels constructed for use within and outside Canada, and for road transportation of trailer-mounted equipment.

  • ASME “U” stamp certified manufacturer (shop and field)
  • ABSA approved quality programs (shop and field)
  • ASME Section VIII-1 pressure vessel construction
  • CSA B51 miniature pressure vessel construction
  • ASME B31.3 process piping construction, repair and alteration
  • ASME B31.3 indirect heater coil construction, repair and alteration
  • ASME Section I power boiler, ASME Section IV heating boiler and ASME Section VIII-1 pressure vessel construction and alteration (shop and field)
  • CSA B51 Category A, E and H fitting construction
  • Department of Transport authorization to apply national safety mark to any vehicle under Section 4 of Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations

The Leader in Innovative Desanding Solutions

EnerCorp guarantees to capture and clean up your 100 Mesh Frac Sand with 99% efficient Wellhead Desanding Devices.

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