You Might Just See Hammer


You might just see a beat-up hammer with a worn-out handle, but we see so much more.

We see a tool that is used by many to destroy, but our team uses it to build. They build thousands of miles of flow iron connections year after year. They drive unions together with sheer force to hold thousands of pounds of pressure. We see a tool that leaves our operators' hands calloused, their backs sore, and their brow wet. We see a tool that has built some of the greatest companies in our industry, one body jolting swing at a time. We see a tool that has paved the way for thousands of energy industry employees to financially provide for their families day after day.

With that, we say thank you to the humble hammer and to our EnerCorp teammates who have built this company to what it is today, the North American leader in sand and well flow management.


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