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Major Project Capabilities

Anadarko Delaware Basin Silvertip Campaign

Project Highlights

The development of Regional Oil Treating Facilities (“ROTF”) and tankless pad sites created new facility design improvements with greater sand return issues.

  • New wellsite design reduced emissions, equipment footprint, equipment costs, reduced lease operator traffic, and reduced water / oil truck hauling traffic.

EnerCorp was awarded the Operator’s highest profile 2018 project with 12 wells to be tested under this new multi-well and multi-pad development project.

EnerCorp committed 48 filters, 48 sand cyclones, flowline packages, and 70+ field operators to manage the project.

EnerCorp invested over $10.0MM+ for this project alone to support Anadarko’s new operational design

Initial well IP almost 2x that of neighboring wells.

Over 100,000 lbs. of sand was recovered in the first 2 weeks on the first well with sand returns exceeding 70,000 lbs. / 24 hrs. on other wells.

Volume of 100,000 lbs. sand = 1 bbl. oil x 140

EnerCorp Case Study

Protecting Production Asset Investments

Loving County, TX – Southern Delaware – Wolfcamp – 2 Wells


High rate centrifugal pumps eroding seals continuously when pumping to a central tank battery

  • Tens of thousands in expensive pump seal repair costs
  • Lost production time
  • Employee hazard exposure


x2 Dual Cyclonic Sand Separators per well

x1 High Rate Sand Filter per well


First 30 days – over 15,000 lbs of sand extracted from the well stream = 95%-96% efficiency

  • Sand that made it though was ultra-fine ~74 μm – polishing agent

Picture shows fluid sample at wellhead (left), and fluid sample after EnerCorp’s Sand Management system (right).

More Case Studies

June 28, 2018

Case Study: Delaware Basin Video

Case Study

A well production history with a high sand return. Sand that was coming from a well along with effluent was accumulating into a separator. An accumulation of sand leading up to daily well shut in and several days of downtime....

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