Sand Filter


Depend on EnerCorp’s industry-leading sand filtration equipment to get all the sand out of your hydrocarbon production stream.

Our range of configurations and sizes enables us to serve any production stream and commodity mix across North America. That includes the highest-pressure, highest-rate unconventional wells operating at up to 10,000 psi and 400°F.

Triple Horizontal Sand Filter

The Triple H provides operators the ability to always filter through continuous flow without bypassing or shutting in the well.

The clean out features are efficient and seamless for operations and give E&P’s the peace of mind that no sand will cary past our device to their production facilities.

We are sand filtration specialists.

EnerCorp’s unique approach to desanding includes:

  • Patented technology;
  • Multiple functional innovations;
  • Thoroughly engineered and field-proven designs;
  • High-quality in-house manufacturing; and
  • User-friendly automation.

Sand filtration is critical for protecting the physical integrity of your surface infrastructure.

Uncontrolled sand flow can wash out a control or ESD valve within minutes, while chronic sand carry-over gradually erodes downstream equipment. The risks are serious – including explosion and fire – and the potential costs are high.

EnerCorp sand filters capture particles down to 50 microns.

This is a performance leap over traditional sand separators or “desanders”, which consist purely of velocity knockout and allow fines and slugs to pass through.

Yet EnerCorp’s superior solution is less costly than competing products.

All EnerCorp sand filtration models are available for sale.

We also have an extensive rental fleet in various pressure ratings and configurations.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Our experienced rental team offers 24-7 on-call service!

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    EnerCorp is a successful North American Company with Operations in Northern AB, BC, West & South Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.

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Sand Filter

Triple Horizontal

Application: 100% sand capture with high flowrates.


Max Pressure

5,000 psi

Max Temperature



Single hz., dual hz., hydrate breaker and blow-down vessel where required.

Chamber Diameters

Custom-manufactured to meet flow parameters



If you want to get all the sand out of your hydrocarbon production stream, you need to choose EnerCorp.

  • Provides both knock-out and true filtration
  • Effective for high liquids as well as dry gas
  • Removes all the sand
  • Eliminates both short term / acute risks of gradual erosion
  • Can be paired with blow-down, automation and differential pressure monitoring for sand volume accumulation

leading filtration performance

Our patented sand filter systems offer unmatched industry- leading filtration performance and a comprehensive line-up.

EnerCorp filters are suitable for service in North America’s highest pressure, highest rate unconventional wells, truly capturing all of your sand.

Our True Filtration Protects From Any Sand Carryover… We Guarantee It.

EnerCorp leads the industry in sand management with patented filter technology that achieves velocity knock-out and filtration with one system. We manufacture the products we sell so we can offer a diverse lineup at a lower cost than any competitor.

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